Universal Trans Oil Cooler w/Dual Pass and Fan
  • Universal Trans Oil Cooler w/Dual Pass and Fan

    Dual Pass Transmission Cooler and Fan Kit.  What you see iswhat you get.  This is a pretty Stout Size Unit so if your running some Serious HP in your car and a Built Transmission, this is the unit for you.  I'm running a Manual Shift Automatic Trans similar to a Trans Brake and this is the Cooler I'm using.  Trans Cooler with Fan Measures 13" Wide x 12" Long x 3" Tall.  The Kit comes with a 10 Foot black rubber hose that can be cut to length needed.  

    I was told by a Drag Racer to use a good Trans Cooler otherwise I would be replaceing parts a lot. So Here it is.
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      Manufacturer Info:
      Speedmaster remote fluid coolers combine a high-capacity oil-cooler core with a 10-inch electric fan for maximum cooling in any environment. This superior combination will give you the peace of mind knowing that your fluids will be at their prime operating temperatures. These coolers feature a core with 1/2 in. copper tubes and 3/4 in. aluminum fins with plastic edge-guard protectors, all with a durable black powdercoat finish. Each fan is solidly mounted to the cooler core with clear-anodized billet-aluminum
      brackets to ensure a stable attachment.