TDS Ford 9" Complete Bolt Thru 3rd Member
  • TDS Ford 9" Complete Bolt Thru 3rd Member

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      NEW FORD 9 INCH ALUMINUM BOLT THRU 3rd MEMBER. The Case is a 3.25 Bearing Case, with a Red Daytona Pinion Support. All New parts used in Build. Ready to Install.

      Your Choice of Gears 3.50, 3.56, 3.70, 3.89, 4.11, 4.56
      Your Choice of 28 OR 31 Spline LSD
      Short or Long Yoke and 1310 or 1350 U-Joint

      The unit will take 1 week to build once order is placed.

      Full Spools Also Available.

      Tech Info:
      You must use at least 100w or Higher Gear Oil due to the way the unit is set up. I also recommend a Gear Oil with an LSD additive like Royal Purple.
    Complete 3rd Member

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