Ford Flathead Carbs (2) Super 97 Chrome 2-Brl
  • Ford Flathead Carbs (2) Super 97 Chrome 2-Brl

    Manufacture Info:
    These Speedmaster carburetors are equipped with all-new Tru-Set needle and seats, which have eliminated the need for external adjustments. This change allows for easier bolt-on-and-go performance. The floats have been factory-set for optimum fuel levels at 3 to 6 psi of fuel pressure and should never need adjustment. If you are running over 6 psi of fuel pressure, a fuel regulator is required. These carburetors also include a new, refined appearance on their float bowls, main bodies, and vacuum secondary caps. Along with having upgraded choke caps for smoother engine warm-up and better cold drivability, these carbs are also the perfect upgrades for any ride.
    • Details

      New Super 97 Chrome Finished 2-Bbl 3 Bolt Carb from Speedmaster. This carb is similar to Speedways and S-Berg just less expensive.

      Brand: Speedmaster
      Part Number: SKG121.1021
      Part Type: Carburetors

      Fuel: Gasoline
      Number of Barrels: 2
      Carburetor Flange: 3 Bolt
      Choke: Manual
      Primary Discharge Nozzle: 0.045
      New or Remanufactured: New
      Fuel Inlet: Single
      Carburetor Finish: Natural
      Ford Kickdown: No
      Throttle Linkage Type: Universal