Ford 9" Aluminum Housing & Steel Axle Legs 6 Bolt
  • Ford 9" Aluminum Housing & Steel Axle Legs 6 Bolt

    NEW FORD 9" INCH REAR END from Speedmaster. The Rear End has an Aluminum Center Housing and comes with 3" inch Steel Axle Tubes that bolt to the Housing (Bolts Included). This unit also comes with a Large Steel Top Support Plate that Bolts to the Top so you can Mount a Pan Hard Bar if Needed. The Housing does have an Oil Fill Plug on top and a Separate Drain Plug on the bottom.

    The Rear End will come Unassembled and the Axle Legs are Cut To Length.
    NO BEARING ENDS come with this unit. You must purchase separately.

    • Details


      Axle Housing Type: Fabricated
      Axle Housing Material: Aluminum
      Axle Tubes Cut to Fit: Yes
      Overall Length (in): 68.500 in.
      Axle Tube Diameter (in): 3.000 in.
      Axle Bearing Flanges Included: No
      Drain Plug Included: Yes
      Filler Plug Included: Yes
      Breather Bung Included: No
      Spring Perches Included: No
      Differential Cover Included: No
      Tube Bolts Included: Yes